Who Should Use Mautic?

Marketing Automation For Organizations Of All Sizes

Mautic is a free and open source marketing automation platform, with unique advantages that make it ideal for organizations large and small. Beyond the $0 price tag, Mautic has a community of users like no other – with marketers, developers and platform evangelists coming together to advance the project.

Like WordPress, Magento, and other prominent open source projects, Mautic is supported by Mautic Inc. – a commercial arm that derives revenue from providing a hosted version of the software. Therefore, the project is financially stable, with a company behind it that has a vested interest in ensuring the stability and security of the software.

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Small to Medium Businesses

Small to Medium Businesses

Marketing automation is no longer cost-prohibitive for SMBs, who may still be relying on basic web forms and email tools to collect leads for their business. By making a small investment to properly implement and train employees on Mautic, you can start seeing results within weeks.

Your in-house marketer or marketing agency will save time executing campaigns more consistently, with Mautic’s email templates and automation features. As a company owner, you’ll have better visibility into when leads have been contacted by your sales reps, and which still require follow up.

Mautic is simple to integrate with content management systems including WordPress, Drupal and Joomla, with a tracking pixel you can copy-and-paste into your HTML code. Once set up, you’ll get detailed analytics about what content buyers engage most with on your website, and what sales & promotion tactics are effective.

If you already use a CRM such as Salesforce, rest assured that Mautic plugs right in with native integrations. You’ll be able to qualify leads with advanced lead scoring features that take into account both demographics & behavior, creating close-ready opportunities who will be eager to talk to your sales team.



Enterprises will appreciate how scalable and customizable Mautic is. There are no limits how many contacts you can store in your database, only constrained by the capacity of your server infrastructure. Mautic is compatible with Apache, Nginx or IIS servers, giving you the freedom to deploy Mautic on your preferred operating system. The choice is yours whether you want to host Mautic in your own datacenter, or use servers in the public cloud.

With Mautic, you have direct access to the SQL DB, enabling your analytics and data science teams to directly extract lead & customer information into your data warehouse for Big Data analysis. Backups are also made easy, letting you retain years worth of historic data as you may require.

Since Mautic is open source, your developers are free to explore the code and use the well-documented API to develop plugins based on your bespoke business requirements. In addition to existing integrations which connect Mautic to other tools in your marketing stack, you can develop your own and even release them commercially, if you wish.

Government & Regulated Industries

Government, Health and Financial Services

If you work in government, or a regulated industry such as healthcare, legal or financial services, you have probably been limited in adopting web-based SaaS tools. Applicable laws and internal policies may prohibit you from storing personal data on outside systems, especially ones that do not verifiably comply with information security (IS) requirements and store your data in a jurisdiction outside your own.

You have the opportunity to leverage Mautic, while maintaining compliance with privacy & security obligations. For instance, many European clients are concerned about complying with the EU Privacy Directive, which requires personal data to remain within datacenters in the European Economic Area. Most of the commercial marketing automation platforms are based in the US, leading to privacy ramifications from laws such as the US Patriot Act.

With Mautic, your data stays firmly within your control – as it should be. Based on your requirements, you can choose to store your database in a jurisdiction with strong data protection laws, or with specialized service providers who are compliant with regulations in your industry.