Mautic Support & Troubleshooting

Do you wish you could purchase a support plan for your Mautic instance, similar to AppleCare or other product service plans for electronic products? Unexpected support costs, and the difficulty of hiring knowledgeable experts to maintain a self-hosted Mautic instance, are the #1 reason that impacts marketing teams’ user experience with Mautic marketing automation.

With InstanceCare™, Autoize proactively maintains and secures your Mautic instance, including keeping up with Mautic and server updates. To purchase InstanceCare™, your instance must have been installed or migrated by us through our Mautic installation service. Due to differences in configuration, we cannot support instances installed by a third-party through InstanceCare™. Our on-demand Mautic support services are available for third-party instances.

Contact us to have your instance installed or migrated to a recommended Mautic host ($25/mo incl. daily backups) – for enhanced security, performance, and the eligibility to purchase InstanceCare™.

Keeping your Mautic instance up-to-date and secure is more important than ever. Data protection & privacy laws around the world, particularly the GDPR in Europe, require reputation-damaging, and costly disclosures of data breaches.

Mautic Updates, Support, and Troubleshooting

What’s included? InstanceCare™ Mautic support includes a proactive quarterly update of your Mautic instance (if a new release is available) and a CentOS or Ubuntu package update – for dependencies like PHP. It also includes up to 2 hours per month* of Next Business Day (initial response) Mautic support by email.**

Mautic Support & Troubleshooting Included with InstanceCare™
  • Issues with cron jobs (e.g. campaign actions, sending scheduled emails)
  • Email gateway or bounce/complaint notification issues
  • Custom field and segment (list) import best practices
  • Campaign logic (decisions, actions, conditions) best practices
  • Choosing segment email vs. campaign email for your campaign
  • General Mautic configuration questions in Settings > Configuration
  • Reviewing Mautic error logs, running Symfony console commands
  • Troubleshooting server downtime with Apache or NGINX
  • Embed Mautic forms into static webpages or WordPress pages
  • Usage of features such as Mautic Assets, Stages/Points, Dynamic Content, Focus Items, Social Monitoring

* Unused hours do not roll-over. Additional hours are available at $125/hour.

** Included support does not cover project work, such as creating emails, landing pages, or marketing campaigns, app integrations, or deploying new infrastructure.

Mautic Support Subscription Cost

How much does Mautic support cost? Each InstanceCare™ Mautic support subscription covers one (1) Mautic installation hosted at a unique domain or subdomain, plus up to two (2) named users in your organization.

  • $275/mo paid quarterly (every 3 months)
  • $225/mo paid annually (every 12 months)

Pricing for InstanceCare™ is applicable for Mautic instances up to 25,000 contacts. Request a custom Mautic support quote for larger instances.