NextCloud Implementation

File Sync & Share on Your Terms

Free Your Data from Third Party Control

Not all cloud storage is created equal. The landscape may seem commoditized with file sync & share solutions bundled into the suites of web applications that tech giants like Microsoft and Google push to their customers. Until recently, data stored on OneDrive was unencrypted on the server-side and indiscriminately scanned for ToS violations. Little do people know that services such as Amazon Cloud Drive deduplicate user data by calculating hashes of every file you upload, and comparing them with accounts of complete strangers. The only way for users could protect their privacy was to encrypt their files individually before uploading them to the cloud.

NextCloud is an open-source cloud storage application trusted by institutions in Europe who are bound to high standards for data protection. For too long, organizations that handle sensitive or proprietary data have suffered from a dearth of options when it comes to storage and collaboration tools.

NextCloud is not simply a storage solution enabling file sharing between users in your organization. Add-ons such as Collabora Office can provide Google Docs-like functionality, KeeWeb can generate & store secrets in an environment you completely control, and Talk delivers videoconferencing that works in any WebRTC-enabled browser.

Even when deployed in a public cloud such as AWS or Google Cloud, NextCloud can integrate with your existing IT infrastructure, such as an LDAP server for authentication (single sign on). As an administrator, the control you possess compared to a subscription-based file sync & share solution is unparalleled. Many users switched from Dropbox to NextCloud because they were running into bandwidth limits sharing large, media files, or impacted by the reduction of version history from 365 to 120 days. With NextCloud, you only pay for the resources you consume on your dedicated server or Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) platform, not an arbitrary rate “per user” or “per team”.

NextCloud 13 Screenshot

Secure, High Performance Cloud Storage with NextCloud

Here’s how our team of NextCloud consultants optimize your NextCloud instance for top-notch security and excellent performance comparable to, or exceeding subscription-based cloud storage services.

  • Right-size your deployment with fully-elastic resources including datacenter-grade servers, network connections and SSD-backed, durable block storage volumes in geographical locations close to your intended users.
  • Secure the NextCloud application server and MySQL, Postgres or Galera Cluster in separate, public and private subnets with strict firewall rules to limit communication between your storage cluster and the outside world. Strong ciphers are used for data in-transit, with optional, full disk encryption of data at-rest.
  • Optimize performance over a standard NextCloud install with NGINX tuned with PHP-FPM, in-memory caches including PHP Opcache (APCu) accelerator, Redis key-value store, and advanced file systems such as Btrfs or ZFS permitting live snapshots. We have custom scripts that have withstood the tests of different deployments to facilitate automatic backups and maintenance of your instance.