Mautic Agency Partner Referral Program

Earn $1,000 Commission for Each Referred Agency

Mautic logoSpread the word about open marketing – refer any marketing agency or consultant to us. If they partner with us under the Mautic Reseller Program or Full Stack Reseller Program, Autoize will pay you a $1,000 referral fee.

Signing up to refer agency leads is simple. Submit your affiliate application with your contact information, website URL, and how you plan to promote the Mautic Reseller Program. If your application is approved, we will assign you an affiliate manager and a UTM tracking code to track your referrals.

Two Ways to Promote Open Source Marketing Automation

Compare the Mautic Reseller Program vs Agency Partner Referral Program

Mautic Reseller Program Agency Partner Referral Program
Start your own whitelabel SaaS business. Make referrals to us – as an affiliate.
Sell Mautic hosting to end users under your own agency brand name. Refer agencies & consultants to join the Mautic Reseller Program.
One-time investment of $6,300 to $9,450 in most markets. Free to join – $0 investment required.
Set your own hosting prices. Autoize sets the reseller program price.
Keep 100% of the Mautic hosting revenue, net of the wholesale hosting cost. Potential gross margins of > 80%. Flat commission of $1,000 per reseller who successfully joins the Mautic Reseller Program.
We build-and-transfer the virtual infrastructure to you to operate your own business. We provide affiliate links with a unique tracking code, and an affiliate manager to help you refer to us.

You can join both the Mautic Reseller Program and the Agency Partner Referral Program if you want to sell Mautic directly to end users and refer other agencies and consultants to us.

The Mautic Reseller Program provides everything a marketing agency needs (infrastructure and billing) to run its own Mautic hosting business and keep 100% of the revenue. The Agency Partner Referral Program lets you refer agencies and consultants you know to the Mautic Reseller Program.

What Sets the Mautic Reseller Program Apart
  • One-time investment of less than 2/3 of the initial 12-month investment for HubSpot Agency Partner Program
  • White label marketing automation hosting for your end clients.
  • 100% open source means no software license fees for creating any number of Mautic instances with unlimited contacts and emails.
  • Leading technology with advanced load balancing, routing, and failover – powered by virtualization and Docker.
  • The only agency partner program with no annual subscription. With HubSpot, you pay $9,600 (+ $600/1,000 contacts above 1,000) in the 2nd year.
  • The only agency partner program with 100% revenue share. No royalty fees.
  • Set your own prices with potential gross margins of > 80% (net of wholesale hosting costs) versus a quarterly commission of 20% from the HubSpot Agency Partner Program.

Your affiliate manager will be in touch to help you identify potential marketing agencies or consultants in your professional network who qualify for the Mautic Reseller Program. We will reach out to your referrals, and for each reseller who successfully joins the program, we will send you $1,000 as a commission. We accept affiliates as well as resellers worldwide. Affiliates are responsible for complying with all applicable laws & regulations, including the FTC disclosure requirement in the U.S.

Start your application now or contact us for additional information.