Whitelabel Mautic Reseller Program

Updated Autoize™ Mautic Reseller Infrastructure for 2023

The Autoize™ Marketing Automation Infrastructure has been refreshed for 2023 with Mautic 4, Portainer 2, and Traefik 2. Click the “Learn More” button to be taken to Autoize.net, where you can read about the features and see updated pricing.

Everything you Need to Resell Mautic

Are you a consultant or agency looking for a Mautic reseller program? Well, you are in the right place. We provide a Mautic Maestro alternative that is 100% based on the open source, community edition of Mautic.

Resell Mautic Instances with a Private Cluster

A one-time investment to join our Mautic reseller program enables you to create an unlimited number of Mautic instances for your end customers – using your own private cluster. The investment is used to finance the deployment & customization of your cluster by skilled cloud professionals.

After your private Mautic cluster is fully deployed, we charge no subscription or renewal fees. The only operating cost you’re responsible for is the wholesale hosting costs – which you pay directly to the cloud provider of your choice – with zero markup.

Read why the Mautic reseller program is the best choice for marketing agencies.

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Know an agency who would benefit from this? Refer them to us for up to $1,000 commission.

Compare Mautic Reseller Program vs Maestro

Mautic Reseller Program Mautic Cloud Maestro
100% Open Source Proprietary
Hosted on any cloud Hosted on Mautic.com’s infrastructure
One-time investment Annual subscription
Open infrastructure Proprietary infrastructure
Use any email gateway Shared IP with Mautic’s gateway
Unlimited Mautic accounts Price based on # of Mautic accounts for annual contract

Sample hosting costs on a popular U.S. cloud provider

  • $160/month for 15 Mautic instances with up to 10,000 contacts each
  • $300/month for 30 Mautic instances with up to 10,000 contacts each

Customer Story

As part of the Mautic Reseller Program, we deployed a private Mautic cluster for a marketing automation consultancy – complete with advanced load balancing, routing, and self-healing capabilities. The consultancy had everything they needed to begin hosting Mautic for their end customers – and earning monthly recurring revenue.

Based on our projections, the Mautic reseller could recoup their initial investment in our Mautic reseller program in less than 3 months (if the cluster is fully utilized). A proprietary marketing automation vendor prices their “Lite” plan for 10,000 contacts at $139/mo. We suggested that our reseller undercut them by 28% and charge $100/mo for Mautic hosting with 10,000 contacts.

15 instances x $100/mo = $1,500/mo in MRR.
– $160/mo in hosting costs
= $1,340/mo in gross profit

Advantages of our Mautic Reseller Program

Spin up and manage Mautic instances from a single dashboard.

Brand Mautic with your own colors, logo, and company name.

Host as many as 15 domains with 10,000 contacts each on 3 Medium nodes.

Failed instances automatically move to healthy nodes – with no data loss (with the “Enterprise” configuration).


  • Encrypt Mautic databases to fulfil data protection requirements.
  • Assign dedicated RAM/CPU resources to instances.
  • Partition customers’ sender reputation by account.

Host Mautic for your customers using any cloud provider.

Available training & support to help onboard new customers.