Mautic on AWS

Deploy Mautic on Amazon Web Services

Amazon is one of the web’s most trusted names in cloud services. It’s only natural why many of our clients request to host their Mautic instance on AWS. Regardless if you’re installing Mautic for the first time, or need a more scalable solution behind your database, AWS delivers a leading set of infrastructure tools to support your business’ growth for the years to come. Select customers may be eligible for 1 year of free Mautic hosting on Amazon AWS.

Amazon Web Services

Our cloud architects set up Mautic on AWS by:

  • Launching an EC2 Instance optimized for Mautic
  • Configuring a VPC and Security Groups to protect the perimeter of your network
  • Scaling your instance for cost & performance
  • Integrating EC2 with other AWS services such as RDS, SES and S3
Mautic Dashboard

Case Study: Mautic on AWS Implementation

A client approached us about using Amazon Web Services as the backend of his Mautic instance. Being in the desktop support industry, the client was well aware of the risks of using an unproven vendor for a production system. He wanted the backing and rich experience of Amazon’s IT team behind his business’ sales & marketing operations.

The client was new to both Mautic and AWS, so they counted on the Autoize team’s experience to:

  • Set up and secure a LAMP stack on Amazon Linux
  • Install & test Mautic instance performance with MySQL database
  • Provision an Elastic IP and configure Amazon SES for sending emails
  • Enable CloudWatch monitoring tools to alert billing and usage spikes