White Label Marketing Automation for Agencies with Mautic

Updated Autoize™ Mautic Reseller Infrastructure

The Autoize™ Marketing Automation Infrastructure has been refreshed with Mautic 4 or 5, Portainer 2, and Traefik 2. Click the “Learn More” button to be taken to Autoize.net, where you can read about the features and see updated pricing.

Agencies are all about providing an end-to-end experience to clients that simplifies the planning & execution of their marketing programs. They are also about delivering expertise and know-how based on learnings that agency-side subject matter experts have accumulated based on their breadth of work with other clients. White labeling your marketing automation offering is one of the ways your agency can provide a branded experience to client-side marketing managers and directors.

Earn > 80% Gross Margin instead of a 20% Commission

When you onboard clients with most agency partner programs, such as the HubSpot Agency Partner Program, a third-party vendor owns the client relationship for providing the marketing automation software. In return you get a 20% commission on the client’s software spend. Commission payments are scheduled quarterly, which means partner agencies will have to plan their cash flow around when their HubSpot commission checks come. Also like most other partner programs, HubSpot requires agency partners to have an approved deal registration in order to qualify for revenue sharing from a particular closed deal. If a HubSpot customer has contacted more than one HubSpot partner agency, you may not necessarily qualify for a commission from HubSpot.

Why Start a Marketing Automation SaaS Business

Starting your own marketing automation hosting business with our Mautic reseller program can be a better move. This deals your company into the lucrative B2B SaaS software arena space, with an upfront investment that is less than 2/3 of the initial 12-month investment to join the HubSpot Agency Partner Program ($12,600). With our Mautic reseller program, you are purchasing a complete business, versus a HubSpot Partner title.

When you onboard marketing clients onto your own hosting infrastructure for Mautic, you set your own prices and begin collecting revenue from the client on day-one. For email marketing & automation, Mautic provides comparable functionality to HubSpot and other subscription-based marketing automation platforms. Mautic sports a variety of integrations with CRMs and tools such as GoToWebinar and Zapier making it a competitive alternative to HubSpot’s Marketing Hub. In fact, you can use the free version of HubSpot CRM together with Mautic for up to 1 million contacts with no additional cost.

When you invest in your own virtual infrastructure for hosting Mautic, you pay the wholesale cost of hosting at the IaaS cloud provider you choose (e.g. AWS, Azure, Oracle Cloud, DigitalOcean, etc.) but you can charge your clients based on the number of contacts they use – like all the other marketing SaaS. HubSpot and Salesforce Pardot both charge $1,250/month for a typical marketing department with 10,000 contacts. The raw infrastructure cost of providing a Mautic instance storing 10,000 contacts is perhaps $15-20/month – if that, with our customized Mautic hosting infrastructure. Whatever monthly price you negotiate with your client for hosting is almost entirely yours to keep. Even if you charge only $100/month for something that the competition is charging $1,250/month for, it’s a > 80% gross margin.

Turnkey Cloud Infrastructure for Mautic Hosting Deployed by Experts

When you sign-up for our Mautic reseller program, your initial investment pays for expert cloud architects to deploy your virtual infrastructure – inside a cloud account that you exclusively control. This infrastructure is powered by leading technologies including virtualization and Docker so your customers’ data is safely segregated from other customers. Also, it’s designed so that it requires a minimum of technical experience to operate. Mautic instances span across a cluster with a minimum of 3 nodes, so if one node experiences technical issues (or is taken down for maintenance), the containers will automatically move to the other nodes with self-healing technology.

The infrastructure also includes a password-protected, white-labeling tool that gives your agency’s marketing specialists a portal that they can use to upload your company’s logo and modify the branding for any client’s Mautic instance.

Also, with our infrastructure, you completely control when Mautic instances are updated to the latest version. This is one of the huge advantages of our virtual infrastructure – optimized for hosting Mautic. Update notifications are blocked from the end customer, so only your agency’s staff can update a customer instance from a central dashboard – with available help from Autoize’s operational experts.

High performance is embedded at the core of our Mautic infrastructure for resellers. Our custom Mautic images are updated with security supported versions of PHP and additional PHP modules that are tested to provide over 250% speed increase over PHP 5.6.

Compared to other multi-tenant Mautic hosting solutions, including Mautic Maestro from Mautic.com, Autoize’s Mautic Reseller Program provides more tools to automate your agency business. For example, we provide a billing automation solution to help our partners manage their Mautic hosting customers. The billing solution is PCI-DSS compliant, and integrates with popular payment gateways such as Braintree and Stripe to accept credit card and PayPal payments.

The Only Agency Partner Program with No Annual Subscription & 100% Revenue Share

The 100% open source nature of Mautic means there are no licensing fees or annual subscriptions to pay after the initial infrastructure is set up. For much less than a single instance of HubSpot or Salesforce Pardot for your agency, you can get a complete solution for reselling up to 15 instances of Mautic to your clients. Contact us today to get started.

For agencies who want to resell marketing automation and CRM, our new, full stack marketing cluster provides a integrated stack consisting of Mautic and SuiteCRM Docker containers for even more impressive profit margins – compared to our Mautic Reseller Program. For a wholesale hosting cost of $20/month per client, at our suggested pricing of $525/month for 10,000 leads/contacts, marketing & CRM resellers can potentially earn $505/month in gross profit per client. This translates to a gross profit margin of over 96%.