Mautic Installation

We Install, Configure and Secure Mautic

Mautic Open-Source Marketing Automation DashboradCount on us to install, configure and secure your Mautic marketing automation instance. Although Mautic is free and open source software, having an experienced professional set it up right the first time will maximize the tool’s benefits to your marketing team.

With our Mautic installation service, we include:

  • Mautic Hosting Recommendation
  • Creation and Connection of Mautic Database
  • Third Party Email Service Setup
  • Tracking Pixel Integration with Your CMS
  • Cron Jobs Setup
  • SSL Certificate Setup
Autoize hits everything one would ever need in a Mautic consultant. They understood and quickly fixed my issues, and explained the wizardry afterwards.
Olivier DuongEditor, The Inspired Eye

Frequently Asked Questions

A. We have set up Mautic instances for countless clients, avoiding common server configuration errors many users encounter setting up Mautic on their own. After setting up Mautic on your server, we run your instance through a checklist of tests to ensure it is stable and ready for use by your marketing team.

A. No, Mautic has no recurring software licensing fee. Compared to solutions which typically cost $2,000 to $4,000/month, you’ll save thousands in monthly subscription charges. With Mautic, you have the freedom to store unlimited leads and send unlimited emails without exceeding frustrating usage tiers. All you pay for is hosting, which can start from $5/month.