Cloud Architecture

Deploy scalable, open source apps on the cloud.

Open source business apps place the control over your organization’s data back into your hands, but where should you host them? Make sure you have the right infrastructure that safeguards your data and scales up to support your goals. Build a virtual private cloud that lowers the cost of operation and leverages leading edge tools such as Docker and Kubernetes to deploy your servers & applications faster.

Whether you need a single VPS, or a cluster of highly available machines, we will provide a customized solution with the best cloud provider for your needs. If you already use cloud offerings from Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud Platform, DigitalOcean, Linode, or UpCloud, please contact one of our cloud architects for an assessment of your setup for cost effectiveness, security and performance.

Case Study: Infrastructure for Email Marketing at Scale

Marketing results - chart going up

One of our clients needed a cloud provider that would enable him to send 3 million emails from each Mautic instance. Although our client’s lists were permission-based with a sender reputation score of 96/100, many virtual server providers, especially the ones within his budget, were unwilling to serve email marketers for fear their IP addresses will be blacklisted for spamming. We were able to:

  • Recommend a cloud provider with an API that would facilitate automated provisioning of Mautic instances
  • Implement a multi-tier infrastructure that successfully delivered 100,000 emails in less than two hours
  • Optimize the Mautic & database server performance to maintain stable levels of CPU/memory usage
  • Secure access to the database through a private network within the same datacenter