Container Management GUI

Portainer is a management UI for Docker that provides a “single-pane-of-glass” to create, manage and monitor containers on a Docker host or Swarm. For beginners and advanced users alike, it has never been easier to visualize the containerized apps & services you’re running.

With over half a billion pulls, Portainer is the most popular GUI management dashboard for Docker. It’s lightweight, and extremely easy to setup — requiring only a single container. With Portainer, you can check the health of your containers and swarms from any web browser (even on mobile). Giving your team access to your containers is easy, just create a new Portainer user account.

App templates let you install containerized apps with one-click from the Portainer dashboard. You can create your own using a simple declarative JSON file. Out of the box, Portainer can pull any public image from the Docker Hub, but you can sign in to access your private repositories. If you have your own private registry or LDAP/AD authentication server, simply specify the credentials in Portainer.

If you use containers for your DevOps or production infrastructure, you need Portainer.

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  • Manage your Docker containers
  • Access a container console
  • Manage your Docker images
  • Tag and push your Docker images
  • Manage your Docker networks
  • Manage your Docker volumes
  • Browse Docker events
  • Pre-configured container templates
  • Swarm cluster overview