Full Stack Marketing Reseller Program

Spin up pre-integrated Mautic and SuiteCRM instances for your clients in minutes.

SuiteCRM Mautic IntegrationMautic SuiteCRM companies integrationMautic and SuiteCRM are the best MA and CRM platforms available to integrate as a 100% open source sales & marketing automation stack. Using Mautic with SuiteCRM together efficiently replaces Software as a Service subscriptions (e.g. Salesforce Marketing Cloud) which are limited in features, users, and number of contacts.

As an extension of our renowned Mautic Reseller Program, we are now offering a Full Stack Marketing Reseller Program that integrates both Mautic and SuiteCRM leveraging Docker technology. Marketing agencies & independent consultants will be able to launch integration-ready, white label Mautic and SuiteCRM instances for their customers within minutes from a GUI dashboard on their Docker cluster.

Bi-Directional Sync between Mautic and SuiteCRM including Web Activities

The SuiteCRM Web Activities module syncs events from the Mautic contact timeline so they can be conveniently viewed from any SuiteCRM record. The full contact timeline can also be accessed in one click (in a new tab) by clicking on the contact timeline URL.

SuiteCRM Web Activities module showing Mautic events

“2nd Gen” Mautic Reseller Cluster includes open source CRM

Mautic SuiteCRM cluster

Like our Mautic Reseller Cluster, the Full Stack Marketing Cluster is equipped with unique, industry-leading features for top-notch manageability and security. Every customer that you host on your Full Stack Marketing Cluster will have their marketing and CRM data securely stored within their own isolated containers, persistent volumes, and databases.

Mautic SuiteCRM Cluster NodesYou are able to assign customers with personalized subdomains,

  • crm.customer.tld, map.customer.tld
  • customercrm.agency.tld, customermap.agency.tld
  • or mix & match on your cluster

by simply creating an DNS record pointing at the load balancer IP that is automatically managed by the cluster. New Mautic and SuiteCRM services that you spin up through the graphical dashboard will be automatically discovered by the edge router, that also automatically obtains a valid SSL certificate for every subdomain.

Unique Technical Solution for Non-Technical Marketers

Any cron jobs that are required by Mautic and SuiteCRM’s background jobs (for automation), in addition to the two-way integration between Mautic and SuiteCRM, come already preconfigured in the custom Docker images that we provide to our full stack reseller partners. The custom Docker images are updated to the latest supported versions of PHP by our team for optimal performance & security that community-based images cannot offer.

The Full Stack Marketing Cluster provides a “business in a box” for consultants who are looking for a complete sales & marketing stack to offer to their clients, or marketing agencies who want to increase their monthly recurring revenue (MRR) by providing both marketing automation & CRM hosting.

The Full Stack Marketing Cluster is designed for digital marketing professionals to operate themselves without requiring a developer or sysadmin for day-to-day operations, such as provisioning instances for onboarding a new client. For our partners, the process to spin up new customer instances on their private cluster is documented with step-by-step instructions. Over the lifetime of the cluster, you can save thousands in setup costs that you would otherwise need to pay to a Mautic and SuiteCRM consultant.

Potential Gross Profit of $505/month per Marketing & CRM Client

The capacity (number of clients and total number of contacts) of your Full Stack Marketing Cluster is only limited by the RAM and CPU that you choose to initially provision for your cluster at the cloud provider of your choice.

As a rule of thumb, every 10,000 contacts stored consumes approximately 1.2 to 1.6 GB of RAM (for Mautic and SuiteCRM combined) depending on the complexity of the campaigns. We currently support deploying the Full Stack Marketing Cluster in your Amazon Web Services, DigitalOcean, or Google Cloud account.

Suggested End User Pricing and Gross Profit Calculations

When you are ready to take on more clients (or import more contacts for existing clients), you can simply resize the Docker nodes, or add additional Docker nodes – for only the cost of the additional RAM / CPU resources. We do not cap the number of instances or contacts your cluster can host in any way, nor charge additional per instance – unlike what is standard for virtually every other MA and CRM vendor.

As with our Mautic Reseller Program, you set your own prices and keep 100% of the revenue that you earn from hosting Mautic and SuiteCRM instances for your customers. Both Mautic and SuiteCRM can be white labelled with either your agency logo or your customers’ logo using the provided white-labeling tools.

The ongoing cost that you have to account for is the wholesale hosting cost to AWS, DigitalOcean, or Google Cloud – but it is minuscule compared to the potential revenue that can be earned.

Estimated Gross Hosting Profit of $4,040/month – based on $100/mo for MAP and $425/mo for CRM per client

An initial cluster supporting 8 typical Marketing & CRM clients (avg. 10,000 contacts/leads each) costs around $160/month to host on DigitalOcean ($20/mo per client). Based on the competition’s SaaS pricing, you can passively earn hundreds a month ($100/mo for MAP + $425/mo for CRM = $525/mo per client) for hosting an integrated marketing & CRM solution. This is on top of the support, training, and consulting revenue you can potentially earn from the client!

The suggested pricing is based on matching or beating the pricing of industry competitors such as ActiveCampaign and SuiteOnDemand. Aside from cost, you also have the distinct advantage of highlighting to your clients that their marketing & CRM is hosted on a highly available Docker and MySQL cluster with a top-tier cloud provider in the region of your choice.

The potential revenue from an initial cluster that is fully utilized could be $4,200/month generating a gross profit of $4,040/month net of hosting costs (- $160/month). This translates to over 96% gross margin – a solid foundation for a winning business.

Cost Effective, One-Time Setup Cost with Financing Available

PayPal CreditOther than the hosting cost which you pay directly to the cloud provider, we only require a one-time investment to cover the time of our cloud architects to provide a consultation and set up, secure, and customize your Full Stack Marketing Cluster. Financing is available through PayPal Credit (on approved credit), which provides a 3 to 6 months interest free payment period.

* Pricing is identical for setup on any supported cloud provider, but depends on features selected.

Note: A Mautic-only cluster can be upgraded to a Mautic + SuiteCRM cluster in the future by paying the difference.

Our pricing for the marketing cluster (that you own outright) is less than half to three quarters of the initial 12-month cost of joining a competitor’s Agency Partner Program for MAP alone, plus you keep 100% of the hosting revenue instead of merely earning a 20-30% commission on the client’s software spend.

We also don’t charge any annual fees to you or your customers following the initial investment. The payback period on the initial investment is around 3 months at the suggested end user pricing – if the cluster is fully utilized.