Why Marketing Agencies Should Resell Mautic

Updated Autoize™ Mautic Reseller Infrastructure

The Autoize™ Marketing Automation Infrastructure has been refreshed with Mautic 4 or 5, Portainer 2, and Traefik 2. Click the “Learn More” button to be taken to Autoize.net, where you can read about the features and see updated pricing.

Mautic open source provides a unique opportunity for small to medium size marketing agencies that other marketing automation partner programs can’t match. With a conventional agency partner program, the upfront & ongoing costs to become a marketing automation reseller include:

  • Agency onboarding fee
  • Annual subscription to the software for your agency
  • Partner annual fees for sales support & co-marketing resources
HubSpot Agency Partner Program vs Mautic Reseller Program

Using HubSpot Marketing Hub as an example, you have to pay $3,000 as an agency onboarding fee, and commit to a $800/month Marketing Hub “Professional” subscription (limited to 1,000 contacts) for a year. HubSpot requires your business to commit to an investment of $12,600 in the first 12 months before you close your first sale. This does not include the price of the HubSpot subscriptions which all of your clients will have to pay directly to HubSpot. Therefore they own the client relationship, not you.

You, and your marketing clients are at the mercy of HubSpot for any price increases to their software-as-a-service (SaaS) plans in the coming years. Historically, the inflation rate for SaaS pricing has greatly outpaced inflation in the rest of the economy. This makes the long-term economics of your agency business difficult to predict.

Accelerate your agency margins with the Mautic Reseller Program.

Enter open source marketing automation. With the Mautic Reseller Program, your initial investment entitles you to own the virtual infrastructure (servers) that you use to host Mautic instances for your marketing clients. The monthly hosting cost of the virtual infrastructure is low in comparison to SaaS subscription fees. For under $200/month, you can spin up 15 instances (up to 10,000 contacts each).

Compared to HubSpot and other agency partner programs that pay you a small % of your clients’ subscriptions as a commission, you set your own prices with the Mautic Reseller Program. With your Mautic cluster, the wholesale hosting cost for each instance (up to 10,000 contacts) is as low as $11 to $14/month. If each client pays $99/month, your gross profit is $85/month per instance – a profit margin of 86%. This is a very conservative estimate.

You can quickly see how you can earn hundreds of dollars a month in gross profit for every instance you sell – because Mautic has every feature unlocked – with no add-on fees.

If your marketing clients have a higher budget, you can price your marketing automation hosting plans at closer to HubSpot (or Salesforce and Marketo’s) prices for even higher margins. HubSpot’s “Professional” plan for 10,000 contacts is $1,250/month. Likewise, for Salesforce Pardot “Growth”, which is $1,250/month for 10,000 contacts. You can quickly see how you can earn hundreds of dollars a month in gross profit for every instance you sell – because Mautic has every feature unlocked – with no add-on fees.

For agencies who want to resell marketing automation and CRM, our new, full stack marketing cluster provides a integrated stack consisting of Mautic and SuiteCRM Docker containers for even more impressive profit margins – compared to our Mautic Reseller Program. For a wholesale hosting cost of $20/month per client, at our suggested pricing of $525/month for 10,000 leads/contacts, marketing & CRM resellers can potentially earn $505/month in gross profit per client. This translates to a gross profit margin of over 96%.

The More You Sell, the Better Your Margins

With the starter Mautic cluster, you can host up to 15 instances. As you grow your business & add clients to your cluster, you can scale up the existing servers, or deploy additional servers through a graphical dashboard. For example, 30 Mautic instances (averaging 10,000 contacts each) costs less than $400/month to host wholesale using our Mautic reseller solution. You can also have a mixed portfolio of Mautic clients of varying contact database sizes.

Tools & Resources for Starting Your Own Mautic SaaS Business

Because you own the virtual infrastructure and Mautic is free & open source software, there are no subscription fees to account for. When you join the Mautic Reseller Program, our engineers set up the Mautic cluster for you at any compatible cloud provider in the geographic region of your choice (US, EU, Switzerland, Japan, Australia). Your upfront investment, which is less than the initial 12-month cost of the HubSpot Agency Partner program, pays for a comprehensive set of tools & resources for reselling Mautic including:

  • A dedicated partner manager to assist with onboarding
  • Co-marketing efforts such as joint press releases and guest blogs
  • Central dashboard for creating & managing Mautic instances
  • Password-protected white-labeling tool to give Mautic your own look & feel
  • Billing dashboard for automatic billing through BrainTree or Stripe
  • Secure virtual infrastructure (cluster) for hosting Mautic instances
  • Custom Mautic image with performance tweaks & preconfigured cron jobs
  • An encrypted database cluster that meets data protection requirements
  • And more. Get in touch for a demo and quote.