NextCloud with Infinite Storage

Professional Dedicated NextCloud Instance Setup

Do you want your own NextCloud with infinite storage? Look no further. Traditional NextCloud deployments require network, server & storage admins to increase the amount of storage space using low-level system tools as the capacity needs expand.

With our “NextCloud with Infinite Storage” solution, you do not have to guess how much storage you need in advance. Your own dedicated NextCloud instance is connected to a secure, object storage service where you “pay as you go” with rates less than $6/TB per month – including bandwidth and API calls.

For NextCloud users in Europe, we recommend an object storage endpoint in Europe paired with a virtual server in a European datacenter, so that your data is transferred with high velocity – without leaving the European continent. Regions in North Virginia (US East) and Oregon (US West) are also available.

Proven performance – Our internal benchmarks averaged 235 to 257 Mbps between a NextCloud instance hosted with a major cloud provider (located in Frankfurt) and the object storage service (located in Amsterdam).

Example NextCloud Data Transfer Speed Test

rclone copy --stats-one-line -P 1GB.bin NextCloud:test/1GB-2.bin
1000M / 1000 MBytes, 100%, 32.158 MBytes/s, ETA 0s

* 1 MBps = 8 Mbps

Advanced Features with Optimized NextCloud Installation
  • Multi-bucket spanning to store terabytes of data with ease
  • Large file uploads from the browser and NextCloud desktop client
  • Secure, automatic SSL certificates with high-strength cipher suites
  • Mount external storage from Dropbox, FTP, SMB/CIFS, WebDAV
  • $0 data egress fees from object storage service
  • No billing for API calls unlike with Amazon S3 buckets
  • App integrations including OnlyOffice Office Suite, Afterlogic, or Rainloop webmail
  • Single sign on with OneLogin, Auth0, or other SAML-compatible providers
NextCloud 18 Cloud Storage
OnlyOffice connector for NextCloud
Afterlogic PHP Webmail
The team at Autoize was very knowledgeable and professional while helping us deploy an enterprise Nextcloud setup. They were helpful in answering our questions through the process and their turnaround time was quick.
KentHealth Systems Consultant
NextCloud Only
$885One-Time Setup
  • Up to 60 users
  • 1 TB to ∞ Storage
  • No integration
  • US or Europe region
  • Lifetime SSL certificate
  • Custom domain
  • From $17/mo hosting, incl. 1 TB storage
NextCloud + 2 Integrations
$1555One-Time Setup
  • Up to 60 users
  • 1 TB to ∞ Storage
  • 2 integrations of your choice
  • Office Suite, Webmail, and/or Single Sign On
  • US or Europe region
  • Lifetime SSL certificate
  • Custom domain
  • From $37/mo hosting, incl. 1 TB storage

For deployments > 60 users, contact us for a custom quote for additional load balancing & redundancy features with a NextCloud cluster.

Autoize LLC is not an affiliate or partner of NextCloud GmbH, the developers of NextCloud. We are an independent company providing consulting & support for the open-source, community edition of NextCloud.