What We Do

Open Source Application Integration and Support

Successfully deploying open source in your organization can be complex. Autoize provides professional consulting and support to help businesses successfully leverage open source software. To contribute back to the community, we openly share our approach to common use cases and challenges to help each project grow.

We charge a one-time setup fee, with an optional, managed support contract that includes security and maintenance. The instances are always set up in our clients’ accounts. We never mark up the usage billed by the cloud provider and your data always belongs to you – period.

When the project calls for it, we adopt state-of-the-art techniques such as containerization in the cloud and immutable infrastructure to deploy applications in a more scalable & secure way. Our focus is on ease of Day 2 operations – whether you choose to engage our team as a managed service provider, or lean on us as a trusted advisor to your internal IT department – we are here to help.

Support and documentation are crucial for adopting open source apps, especially during the initial implementation. We spend hours testing and validating solutions, accumulating expertise that our clients benefit from.

One of the reasons why you turned to open source might be cost savings. Lock-in leads to rising costs, so we provide cloud native applications that can be migrated between different cloud providers. Most apps can be deployed as containers, conferring benefits for scalability, portability and IT automation.

If any of the applications we offer sound like they would streamline your team’s workflow and help your organization achieve higher productivity, please get in touch. One of our cloud architects would be pleased to discuss your needs.