Nano Cryptocurrency

Accept Nano at your Business or E-Commerce Store

Nano is a cryptocurrency similar to Bitcoin that you can use to accept payments on your website or store. Compared to Bitcoin, Nano has zero transaction fees and transactions confirm in seconds, not in 15-30 minutes or more. There are many benefits of adopting cryptocurrency as a merchant.

  • Low or no fees, versus 3% or higher fees for accepting credit cards or PayPal
  • No chargebacks, so customers cannot fraudulently dispute transactions
  • All business types & industries supported, with no corporate documents required
  • Growth potential of cryptocurrency value over time

We can help you securely set up a Nano wallet, integrate Nano payments with your WooCommerce or Shopify store, and provide exchange accounts where you can sell Nano back to traditional currencies such as USD or EUR to pay business expenses and suppliers.

If you invoice your clients, for example as a freelancer or consultant, you can also accept cryptocurrencies such as Nano using tools such as Gilded. For brick-and-mortar businesses, customers can easily pay you via Nano currency using a mobile app such as Canoe on their smartphone, or the official Android and iOS wallets.

We are a proud contributor to the Nano open-source project, and have been involved since 2017 when the currency was formerly known as RaiBlocks. Please contact our team to learn more about how to integrate Nano as a payment method for your business, and start using cryptocurrencies in the real-world.