RocketChat Live Chat

Unlimited Agents and Chats with Embeddable Widget for your Website

Best Open Source Live Chat App

Live chat is an important touchpoint your customers can use to access sales and support from your company. Visitors invited to chat are 6.3 times more likely to convert into customers, and 61% of those customers convert within the first chat. (source). Most live chat apps are hosted by a third-party, and limit the number of agents & chats per month based on pricing tiers.

With your own RocketChat server, you can embed a live chat widget into any website using a HTML snippet or WordPress plugin. The number of agents is unlimited, and so are the number of customer interactions you may have. All the information exchanged between your employees and customers, including file uploads, are stored securely on your server.

RocketChat can be hosted on a VPS node for a small to medium team, up to 200 users. After the one-time infrastructure set up cost, you will save hundreds or thousands of dollars per year compared to a hosted live chat solution such as Olark, LiveChat, Intercom, or Salesforce Service Cloud.

Learn about our turnkey, RocketChat stack on Docker where our infrastructure architects will create an optimized deployment of RocketChat on any compatible cloud provider of your choice.

Features for Sales and Support Teams

It is possible, and in fact recommended, to use the same instance of RocketChat for internal team communication and live chat, making collaboration between team members a snap. Live chat has been completely revamped in RocketChat, with the following exciting features:

RocketChat Live Chat Screenshot

Customizable Chat Widget – The chat widget has ‘online’ and ‘away’ statuses that can be adapted with a custom title, colors, and messages. It is mobile friendly, and responsive to the visitor’s screen size.

Offline Messaging – Outside of office hours or when all agents are offline, RocketChat will accept offline messages from visitors, and notify the email address of your choice with the details.

Departments – Set up departments in RocketChat for sales, service, and support, to direct requests at the appropriate personnel. Chat agents can be assigned to departments so they receive only messages intended for their job function, but can forward chats to other agents if needed.

Chat Queue – RocketChat can automatically route live chats to the agent with the fewest open chats, hold incoming chats in a “Guest Pool” to be assigned to an agent by an admin, or joined by the next available agent from a list of pending chats.

File Uploads and Video Calling – Customers and agents may upload images (e.g. screenshots) or other documents during a two-way chat session, with optional video calling functionality that can be enabled by the admin.

Visitor History – See which webpages a visitor browsed prior to initiating a chat, empowering your sales team to focus on selling more relevant solutions. Customer Service and Support teams can address issues more accurately & efficiently, delighting your customers.

Chat Triggers – The chat widget can pop-up with tailored messages after visitors have dwelled on specific pages for a certain time threshold. This is a proven way to accelerate conversion of visitors into leads & sales opportunities.

CRM Integration – RocketChat can fire JSON webhooks on “chat close”, “offline messages”, “visitor messages”, “agent messages”, and “lead capture” to your CRM, allowing this data to be recorded within a contact/lead entry in an external application.