Why Mautic

Key Benefits of Using Mautic

Why Use Mautic To Augment Your Existing Marketing Tools?

Here are real doubts that managers and VPs of marketing had before they chose Mautic as their marketing automation platform.

Email marketing – I already send emails with MailChimp, Constant Contact or similar email service providers.
Traditional email services are good for sending out static emails such as newsletters, but don’t take into account the individual interests of your contacts. Win customers with the right content at the right moment, using Mautic features including dynamic content, campaign decision & condition logic.

Landing pages – We have a team who builds landing pages for us on our WordPress or Drupal powered website.
Couldn’t you achieve a shorter turnaround time if marketing could launch campaigns without relying on IT? Let your creative juices flow with Mautic’s drag-and-drop editor. Don’t let technical challenges get in the way when you want to tweak your design or run an A/B test.

CRM – We set up web-to-lead forms that bring people directly into our Salesforce, Sugar or SuiteCRM database.
Your marketing and sales databases are different, so use the right tool for the job. CRM is generally for facilitating one-to-one communication with leads who are in a sales cycle. Marketing automation is better suited towards nurturing top and mid-funnel leads with campaigns you can execute at scale, yet feel individualized.

Analytics – Doesn’t Google Analytics already tell me what webpages users are looking at?
Google Analytics only provides aggregate data, not detailed tracking at the visitor level you can use to profile and segment your visitors. In fact, the Google Analytics TOS prohibits you from collecting users’ personally identifiable information using their service.

Chances are, if you’re on the fence about pulling the trigger on a marketing automation platform, you’ve asked yourself at least one of these questions before. It’s almost certain you’ve heard about some of the tools above that overlap with an aspect of Mautic’s functionality.

Many clients come to us in frustration trying to use email marketing and CRM tools to emulate the functionality of a marketing automation tool. We’ve heard all the stories; The feature set is usually very limited, and you don’t get the deep intelligence that Mautic provides you on each and every visitor. Why would you go with a vendor that added marketing automation as an afterthought?

When marketing automation tools used to cost thousands per month, this thinking was typical. It seemed more affordable to run your marketing campaigns using a patchwork of different applications. But as you grew, you encountered time-sucking problems with integrating & tracking the different tools. Luckily, there’s a better way. Cut through the layers of complexity that are taking a toll on your marketing agility.

A Better Workflow with a Single Solution

Endless back-and-forth’s with your webmaster to integrate yet another tracking pixel. Late nights working with Excel spreadsheets trying to attribute ROI to marketing spend across different channels. Panicking whether an email has been scheduled to go out Monday morning on a Friday afternoon. Mautic can help you, the marketer, stop fighting fires and start feeling in control again.

  • One dashboard to track leads generated by website, email & paid campaigns
  • Marketing calendar to keep everyone on track with deliverables
  • Visual editor that lets your team do its’ best work, with no HTML knowledge required
  • Built-in CRM and easy integrations to pass leads to sales at the right moment

Do High-Touch Marketing with Low-Touch Resources

Whether you have an entire floor of Lead Development Reps (LDR) or none at all, Mautic helps you do high-touch marketing on a limited budget. While there’s nothing like a phone call from a real person, intelligent, automated campaigns effectively complement your salespeople’s efforts, all while avoiding being too forward with a new prospect.

Wouldn’t you be much more likely to buy from a company that anticipated your needs, and emailed you relevant content precisely about your pain points? That’s much less interruptive than a phone call you have to drop everything to answer, or more likely, ignore.

  • Set up social media monitors that listen for keywords & auto-tweet users who mentioned them
  • Track high-value page views (e.g. Pricing, Comparison, Contact) and trigger an email to the prospect
  • Build campaigns that decide which stream of emails to send based on the links a contact clicked
  • Warm up cold leads after they’ve become inactive with SMS or email messages
  • Push events from your e-commerce or SaaS app to Mautic’s API and react with notification emails
  • Accelerate Account Based Marketing (ABM) initiatives with tailored marketing messages