Recurring Billing Solution for Mautic Resellers

Any Mautic hosting reseller is going to need a recurring billing solution similar to WHMCS – but for Mautic. When you have few customers, you could theoretically handle customer billing manually, but as a business, there are better things to do than spend time preparing and chasing down invoices.

Stripe            Braintree by PayPal

After all, you need a simple, hassle-free way to get paid by your Mautic customers. With our white label solution, you can auto-bill customers for Mautic hosting (or virtually any subscription service) through payment gateways such as PayPal, Braintree, or Stripe. Invoices & emails (invoices, confirmations, and reminders) sent to customers can be branded with your custom logo and text. No credit card numbers are stored on your server, simplifying PCI-DSS compliance.

The same billing platform can also be used to create and send one-off invoices, such as for technical support or marketing services. Automatic reminders will remind customers to pay outstanding invoices at intervals that you can configure.

Lifecycle of a Recurring Billing Customer

Customer subscribes to Mautic hosting plan.
“Buy Now” buttons automatically generate a recurring invoice and customer ID. “Auto Bill” is enabled so after the first payment is applied, a token for the customer’s payment method, credit card or PayPal, is saved by BrainTree or Stripe.

At the specified interval (i.e. monthly), the customer is automatically rebilled.
The payment method on file is automatically rebilled for the agreed amount based on the customer’s plan. If a customer upgrades their plan, a new recurring invoice is created, and existing one can be cancelled.

Customer can view & download invoices from Customer Portal.
At any time, the customer can view and download their historical invoices from a white-labelled customer portal. They can also update their payment method(s). No longer will your finance department manually fulfil requests to resend invoices – a huge time saver.

Additional products/services are added to Customer Portal.
If a customer purchases additional products/services using their email address on file, those one-time or recurring invoices are added to their Customer Portal.

Monitoring script provides reports of Mautic usage by customer.
Our monitoring script runs on your Mautic database server to report on the number of Mautic contacts being used by each customer. This report can be emailed to an administrator at any interval (daily, weekly, monthly) – revealing upsell opportunities to generate additional revenue.

Partners of our Mautic reseller program can leverage this recurring billing solution to simplify their Mautic hosting billing. Contact us to learn more about joining our Mautic reseller program, or integrating this recurring billing solution with your subscription business.