Dropbox, Office 365 alternative for sharing docs, contacts and calendars


Slack and Microsoft Teams alternative with video and screen sharing


Graphical management UI for Docker and Docker Swarms

CyberPanel Control Panel

Manage & install web applications on cloud servers with a graphical control panel.

Mailcow Email Hosting

Create unlimited email inboxes at your domain for one flat, monthly fee.

Grav CMS – Flat File CMS

A speedier, more secure flat file alternative to conventional CMS like WordPress


Cross-platform file sync and share with lightning fast delta syncing


Cross-platform password manager for teams with client-side encryption

Harbor Container Registry

Self-hosted container registry with unlimited private repositories and users

Pydio File Sharing & Sync

Enterprise file sharing & sync platform with desktop & mobile support

Matomo Web Analytics

Self-hosted alternative to Google Analytics. Analyze over 1B+ monthly pageviews with no sampling.

AI Chatbots & Generative AI

Run local or AI-s-a-Service workloads using open LLM models with vector data lakes for Retrieval Augmented Generation.


Marketing automation with no email sending or contact limits


Invoice Ninja

Get paid faster with professional invoicing and time-tracking

Minio Object Storage

High-performance, resilient Amazon S3-compatible object storage server


Integrate SuiteCRM with Mautic for a sales & marketing automation stack with unlimited leads/contacts.

Decentralized Social Media

Host your own microblogging platform using an open-source Twitter alternative, for your brand, product community, or journalistic organization.

More Apps Coming Soon

More apps are always being added to our list, so check back soon