Mautic & SuiteCRM Contact Timeline Integration Module

Mautic and SuiteCRM IntegrationMautic and SuiteCRM can be tightly integrated so that sales users can see the event history of a synced contact from Mautic directly in their CRM. The SuiteCRM integration plugin for Mautic supports pushing lead activity to Sugar/SuiteCRM when the appropriate cron job is configured on the Mautic server, and a custom module is installed on the SuiteCRM server.

The History timeline in Mautic shows a list of the events that have been triggered against that contact. The email read, form submitted, and point gained events are configured in Mautic by default for the activity sync, but virtually any other Mautic event that shows up in the timeline can also be (selectively) pushed to SuiteCRM.

Selective sync of Mautic events to SuiteCRM
Selective sync of Mautic events to SuiteCRM

Mautic Web Activities Module for SuiteCRM

When the Mautic events are pushed to SuiteCRM, they show up in the Web Activities module that can be expanded from any Contact or Lead object in SuiteCRM. When you click one of the Activity entries, the History timeline for that contact in Mautic will open in a new tab (including events that were not pushed).

SuiteCRM Web Activities module showing Mautic events
SuiteCRM Web Activities module showing events from Mautic

Mautic contact timeline linked from Web Activities module
Mautic contact timeline linked from Web Activities module

Events that can be synced from Mautic to SuiteCRM
  • Accessed from IP
  • Asset downloaded
  • Campaign action triggered
  • Campaign event scheduled
  • Campaign membership change
  • Contact created
  • Contact created by source
  • Contact identified
  • Contact identified by source
  • Do not contact
  • Email failed
  • Email read
  • Email replied
  • Email sent
  • Form submitted
  • Imported
  • Message Queue
  • Page hit
  • Point gained
  • Segment membership change
  • Stage changed
  • Text message received
  • UTM tags recorded
  • Video view event

When the custom module has not been installed on the SuiteCRM side, a Module Does Not Exist mtc_WebActivities set_entries POST error will appear in Mautic notifications if the “push lead activity” cron job runs on Mautic.

Mautic push lead activity error

The mautic:integration:pushleadactivity cron job should not be enabled until the corresponding CRM module has been installed and enabled. Otherwise, Mautic can start loading very slowly, or even crash when the Mautic notifications database table fills up with an excessive number of rows.

SuiteCRM with Mautic integration module

Integration with Web Activity Push from Mautic to SuiteCRM

The Mautic SuiteCRM integration we install & configure for our clients supports Mautic & SuiteCRM lead activity push. Contact timeline sync with the Mautic integration module is a convenient & time-saving feature that provides sales reps with “at a glance” knowledge of a SuiteCRM Lead or Contact’s touchpoints with marketing channels tracked by Mautic.

If you are looking for two-way, bi-directional sync of contacts/leads between Mautic and SuiteCRM, contact us to have this integration installed on your existing Mautic and SuiteCRM instances, or professionally deploy Mautic and SuiteCRM for you.

If you are currently using SugarCRM CE (6.5.26 or before), we can migrate you to SuiteCRM, which is a largely compatible fork of the Sugar open source project that was discontinued in 2017.

Note that either Mautic or CRM should be set as the master system (also known as “system of record”) – in most cases, the CRM. This determines that in case of a merge conflict, a field’s value from the master system takes precedence over the field value from the other system.

In the reference integration:

  • All leads and/or contacts (depending on the integration settings) that are created in SuiteCRM are “pulled” into Mautic for email marketing & nurturing campaigns.
  • Optionally, all contacts created in Mautic can be “pushed” into SuiteCRM when they are created in Mautic.
  • Otherwise, Mautic contacts are selectively “pushed” into SuiteCRM when they reach a pre-defined points threshold, or meet other criteria – such as filling in a sales-ready form.
  • Any updates to fields in SuiteCRM continuously sync to the corresponding Mautic contact – but not the other way around.

The above scenario is the supported use case for the Mautic SuiteCRM integration – tested with Mautic 2.16.0 and SuiteCRM 7.11.11.

The SuiteCRM integration is pre-configured with our Mautic & SuiteCRM reseller infrastructure that enables marketing agencies & consultants to easily host an open source marketing stack for their clients – with minimal technical knowledge required.

Open Source Marketing & CRM compared to Proprietary SaaS

Compared to commercial offerings from HubSpot, Salesforce, and Microsoft, a 100% open source marketing stack comprising of Mautic marketing automation and SuiteCRM sales automation delivers excellent value-for-money. For marketing, The cost of a HubSpot Professional subscription for 10,000 stored contacts is $15,000 annually ($9,600/year including 1K contacts + $5,400/year for 9K additional contacts). For CRM, The cost of Salesforce Lightning Enterprise is $150/month/user. For a 50 user organization, this is $90,000 annually.

A typical sales & marketing organization could save up to $105,000 (50 users) to $200,000 (100 users) annually by going with open source marketing and CRM.

With the technical help of our team, you can easily host Mautic and SuiteCRM on inexpensive, regular cloud servers for a fraction of the price of proprietary software-as-a-service vendors like HubSpot and Salesforce – even with an upfront investment in a one-time setup. A typical sales & marketing organization could save up to $105,000 (50 users) to $200,000 (100 users) annually by going with open source marketing and CRM.

If you are an agency or consultant, you can earn monthly recurring revenue from reselling Mautic and SuiteCRM by spinning up new instances on your own marketing cluster powered by Docker.