Mautic and SuiteCRM Integration Plugin

SuiteCRM is an open source fork of SugarCRM 6.x Community maintained by SalesAgility – a company separate from SugarCRM that has taken over the open source CRM’s development. Because SuiteCRM is built on the same framework as SugarCRM 6.x, SuiteCRM is compatible with most integrations & plugins designed for SugarCRM CE, including the Mautic SugarCRM / SuiteCRM Integration Plugin.

For brand new deployments of open source CRM, we recommend SuiteCRM over SugarCRM because the open source version of SugarCRM ceased development in 2017. SuiteCRM has also been refreshed with an updated look and feel that is mobile responsive, in addition to receiving new patches & security updates, to keep your data safe and secure.

Integrating Mautic with SuiteCRM has some advantages over other open source CRMs such as vTiger that only provide a one-way push Mautic -> vTiger, as the Mautic integration with SuiteCRM is a two-way integration allowing both marketing qualified leads (MQLs) to be pushed Mautic -> SuiteCRM, and sales generated leads to be pulled into Mautic <- SuiteCRM for further lead nurturing.

Open Source Mautic Marketing Automation and SuiteCRM Stack

Mautic and SuiteCRM are the leading open source tools in their respective categories, namely marketing automation (MAP) and customer relationship management (CRM). This makes them a natural fit to be integrated with each other as a complete sales & marketing automation stack for organizations of all sizes. Because both Mautic and SuiteCRM are 100% open source software, there are no limitations to the included functionality, or the number of contacts, leads, or users supported.

Mautic and SuiteCRM are both applications that can be self-hosted — on-premises or in the cloud. This is ideal for organizations who need to store their contact and customer data in a secure, encrypted environment — within a geographic region (or even a specific datacenter) to comply with regulations such as the GDPR. We can recommend the best cloud provider for your sales & marketing stack and help your organization deploy Mautic and SuiteCRM.

Features of Mautic SuiteCRM Integration Plugin

The Mautic SuiteCRM Integration Plugin facilitates the automatic two-way exchange of information between Mautic and SuiteCRM. Mautic’s Contacts and Companies objects map to the SuiteCRM Leads and Accounts objects, respectively. Our integration supports both pushing Mautic Contacts to the SuiteCRM Leads object through either a Mautic campaign action or Mautic form action.

Mautic Contacts can be pushed to SuiteCRM as a Lead after they are deemed as Marketing Qualified Leads (also known as Sales Ready Leads) based on the actions that the contact has taken (e.g. requesting a demo through a Mautic form) or once they reach a contact scoring threshold based on Mautic events (e.g. page hits, asset downloads, email reads and clicks).

  • Pushing qualified Mautic contacts selectively to SuiteCRM Leads
  • Pulling SuiteCRM Leads and/or Contacts into Mautic as Contacts
  • Pulling SuiteCRM Accounts into Mautic as Companies
  • Syncing Updates to SuiteCRM Leads to the Corresponding Mautic Contact
  • Leads Converted to Contacts in SuiteCRM Continue Syncing to Mautic
  • Push Mautic Contact events to SuiteCRM Leads with the Mautic Web Activities module for SuiteCRM

SuiteCRM Mautic Integration

Mautic SuiteCRM Integration Screenshot

Mautic SuiteCRM companies integration

Mautic SuiteCRM Integration with Unlimited MAP / CRM Users

As the first Mautic focused consulting company since 2016, Autoize can help you install and integrate Mautic and SuiteCRM without the need for proprietary, third-party plugins from the SuiteCRM store. Third-party integration plugins are not always properly maintained for new version updates, and require a costly license fee per-user (e.g. $120/user annually) that does not include set up. Our Mautic SuiteCRM integration is 100% open source, and it is available for a one-time setup cost for an unlimited number of Mautic and SuiteCRM users — more cost-effective than the competition by far.

If you are encountering a “generic error” pushing contacts to SuiteCRM via the “Push to Integration” campaign action in Mautic, our implementation fixes this issue so that pushing contacts using both campaign and form actions are functional. We also set up the necessary cron jobs for both the Mautic and SuiteCRM so that leads are being fetched by Mautic (and vice versa) at an interval based on your server specifications and database size.

For most use cases, the CRM should be set as the system of record (SoR) with sync priority for all mapped fields over the MAP. Our Mautic and SuiteCRM integration service includes setting up the connector, mapping some basic fields (e.g. First Name, Last Name, Email Address), testing of the integration, and server operations.

We then provide you with the information you need to map the rest of the fields you require, perform an initial sync of the desired data from SuiteCRM, and create Mautic campaigns and forms to push marketing qualified leads (MQLs) to SuiteCRM.

The SuiteCRM integration (with our custom patch) is recommended for a minimum Mautic version of 2.16.0, so if your instance has not been upgraded to the latest version yet, we can also backup your instance and provide a Mautic update performed by our trained technicians prior to the CRM integration process.

The Mautic SuiteCRM integration can be done for brand new or existing instances of Mautic and SuiteCRM — contact us to check compatibility. We also provide multi-tenant reseller options for agencies & consultants to host open source marketing automation & CRM for their end customers at a wholesale cost using a Docker cluster. Please get in touch for more information or learn more about the Full Stack Marketing Reseller Program.