Download OnlyOffice Document Server

OnlyOffice Community with More Than 20 Users

On this page you can download an unofficially compiled version of OnlyOffice Document Server (Community Edition) from the source code found at the Github repository as of 01-21-2020. The process followed to compile this copy of the OnlyOffice Document Server are described in this post. You should be able to follow the instructions to compile OnlyOffice Document Server yourself and achieve an identical result.

OnlyOffice connector for NextCloud screenshotThe number of maximum connections for this copy of OnlyOffice Document Server has been set to 99999 (previously 20 in the official build of OnlyOffice Community).

If you install it on a server with at least 4 GB of RAM and 4 CPU cores (Sandy Bridge or better), it should be able to comfortably handle 300 simultaneous connections – depending on the complexity of the documents being edited. For high performance cloud hosting, we recommend UpCloud. Sign up through this referral link to receive $25 credit.

If you are an enterprise who is planning to integrate OnlyOffice Document Server with NextCloud to provide real-time document editing & collaboration for more than 300 users, contact our team for a scalable deployment with an OnlyOffice cluster leveraging Redis, RabbitMQ, PostgreSQL, and NFS for backend storage.

Deployment Instructions for OnlyOffice Document Server (Community Edition)

Fill in the form to download the unofficial build with increased max connections.

MD5 Sum: 16708f511a1a842b2f3d80bc28c075e2

After extracting the Gzip archive, run make install from the DocumentServer folder.